Radio in the Digital Age

The changes to the medium of radio since the advent of digital technology call into question what it is we even call radio anymore. Radio may now be different in terms of its production processes, the kinds of jobs radio professionals do, whether professionals are even involved in its creation, the method of transmission, the devices we use to listen, the kinds of programmes we hear, and even how we behave as audiences and participants.

Radio in the Digital Age was published in November 2013 by Polity Books. Here’s their blurb:

Radio’s influence can be found in almost every corner of new media. Radio in the Digital Age assesses a medium that has not only survived the challenges of a new technological age but indeed has extended its reach. This is not a book about digital radio, but rather about the medium of radio in its many analogue and digital forms in an age characterised by digital technologies. The context of the digital age reveals new insights about the nature of radio.

In this important addition to the world of radio scholarship, Dubber provides a theoretical framework for understanding the medium – allowing for complexity and contradiction, while avoiding essentialism and technological determinism. Introducing radio as a series of practices and phenomena that can be understood through a range of discursive categories, this book explores the relationships between radio, music, politics, storytelling and society in a new and thoughtful way.

This book will make essential reading for students of media, communication, broadcasting and the digital industries. It offers a timely and comprehensive introduction for anyone who wishes to understand the role of radio in today’s media landscape.

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