1001 Whiskies You Must Try Before You Die

This is a book that my friend Clutch and I co-wrote with dozens of other whisky writers from around the world.

Don’t worry – we didn’t go through and taste more than about 50 of them. But what it does mean is that we have now gone from being “whisky bloggers” to “whisky authors”. Must remember to change that on the bio.

I’m looking forward to seeing this one in print. Looks like a lovely coffee-table book and might be a nice one for Christmases and birthdays.

Interestingly, it was edited by my nemesis.

You can buy this on Amazon for £10 at the moment. That’s half price. Bargain.

Warning: Actually trying 1001 whiskies (especially using the serving size suggested on the cover of the book) will pretty much ensure that you do die – unless you plan to spread it over, say, a decade or three.