I make great eggs. Really seriously ‘restaurant-grade’ boiled, poached or scrambled eggs. Omelettes are a specialty, and I make a baked egg stack with pancetta that is out of this world.

You’d think that a boiled egg is just a boiled egg – but not when I make it. It is actually possible to achieve boiled egg perfection – and once you’ve had it, it’s what you want for breakfast every single day. I have it most days.

There aren’t many things I can cook really brilliantly. Some stuff I do well – like risotto. I’m quite good at risotto. Better than most people, I’d say. Interesting salads and ‘power bowls’ too. Not so bad at that. There’s also a lot of stuff I do passably and that I’m improving at. I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% satisfied with my roast potatoes – but that’s a gold standard bit of cheffery.

Eggs however – they’re my superpower. With one exception.

For some reason, I can’t fry an egg for the life of me. Not to the point where I’d want to serve it to someone. There must be some trick to it. Please help.