Years ago, I was the host of a weekly Sunday jazz show on radio. For six years in New Zealand, then for another couple in the UK, I picked jazz tunes (or thereabouts) and played them to people over the wireless. Always loved doing that. Later on, I had a regular DJ slot at my local pub – again on Sundays – playing the same kind of music. I recorded those mixes and shared them on Mixcloud. And when Spotify came along, I started making and sharing compilations that way too.

Of course, making personal mixtapes for people is one of life’s great pleasures. Receiving them even more so. Choosing music, putting it in a sequence and sharing it with someone is far and away one of my favourite things to do.

But for one reason or another, for the past couple of years, I’ve had real trouble making playlists. It’s like I fell off the mixtape horse and was too shaken to get back on. I haven’t trusted my choices. I’ve made partial playlists and then deleted them. I just kept choosing the wrong songs – or songs that weren’t really what I meant – and as a result, I sort of lost the urge to compile – even for my own listening. So I took a long sabbatical from making playlists.

On the upside, what this means is that I’ve spent the last couple of years listening to a lot of whole albums, and more recently, to other people’s public playlists on Spotify. I figure it’s like that thing where writers need to stop every now and then and just read an awful lot.

Just lately though, I’ve started wanting to put songs in an order and send them out into the world again. Not sure why the urge returned or where it had been – but it’s back. There are lots of different types of mixtapes I could make (and lots of different things to express that way) – but I’m going to play it a bit safe and just start out doing things I know I can do.

So… Sunday Jazz it is. Two hour Spotify playlists for your laid-back Sunday listening enjoyment, if that’s your sort of thing. Back again – starting here next weekend.