It’s Saturday, but I’m in the office catching up with a bit of email. And when I say ‘in the office’ – I mean the new office in Sweden.

It’s a great space inside Sliperiet, the brand spanking new interdisciplinary centre situated within Umeå University.

It’s all open plan, which is really great for serendipitous conversations and potential collaborations – and I’m right next to the Swedish Interactive Institute. We’re planning to do some cool stuff together. More about that soon.

I don’t actually have a job with the university just yet – that side of things is still being worked out. Probably just as well for the moment. I have enough to do as it is running three upcoming Music Tech Fest events before Christmas (Berlin, Paris and New York). I’ve kept my job at BCU part time and will be supervising PhDs, doing research and so on. I’m also writing a couple of book chapters and speaking at some events in a couple of different places.

It’s all a little sudden, I guess. I had to move out of my place in Birmingham. The landlord was selling up. I was determined to move to Sweden anyway – and while it might have been more conventionally sensible to organise things so that all the contracts were in place, it just didn’t make sense to wait because that would have meant moving house twice – and nobody wants to do that. So here I am, ready or not.

All my stuff is in storage, I’m sleeping on a sofa at the home of some friends (neither of whom are Swedish), trying to sort out everything you need to sort out when you go somewhere different – and just doing what I can to keep up with what’s going on in the inbox.

Meanwhile, it’s astonishingly beautiful here, everyone is really amazing (not just lovely – I spend my days being genuinely amazed at the sheer concentration of brilliance and creativity here), and it’s an exciting place to be. Though it is starting to get a little chilly…

If anyone needs me, that’s where I’ll be.