I write every morning for 25 minutes. Set the timer and just go. It’s been a ritual for years. Hardly ever miss it. Just a braindump – nothing I keep or use for anything. Certainly unpublishable. But it clears my head of all the crap and lets me start fresh each day.

It’s often nonsense. Just words. I’m often not even fully awake. But what I write about is usually a good barometer of what’s going in my head – sometimes it concerns things that I wasn’t even aware of or knew were important to me, but mostly it’s stuff I’m excited about, anxious about or trying to solve.

How much I write is also a good indicator of how my brain is operating. Today, I bashed out 1700 words. That’s a record for me. Brain in complete overdrive.

Hopefully I can keep this pace up across the day and over the days to come… Music Tech Fest London is in two weeks – and there’s a lot that needs to be done.

Incidentally – you should get your tickets here.