This was going to be a tweet. But it ran a little long. So I started writing it as a Facebook post. That ran over as well. So instead – this status update has to be a blog post:

Got home late last night. Been right around the world and organised a couple of Music Tech Fest events in Wellington and Boston. More about them soon.

Also used the opportunity to visit Mum in hospital in Auckland, finally introduce Michela to the family in person, go hiking in national parks in the South Island, do a bit of wine tasting in Martinborough, climb clay cliffs in Omarama, pick up hitchhikers in Arthur’s Pass, watch fur seals from a boat in Milford Sound, scramble over rocks and under waterfalls, do an eye-watering amount of sightseeing, have lunch with Kim Dotcom in his mansion, eat tacos in San Francisco, meet with the lovely Ethan Diamond to discuss the future of Bandcamp, hang out with the incredible and synaesthetic LJ Rich from BBC Click, participate in a policy consultation meeting on the future of the Creative Industries at the European Commission in Luxembourg, go skiing for the first time, visit glaciers, dig through photos from my childhood, sit with some of the most gifted musicians I’ve ever met while they played their music, experience Virtual Reality using the Oculus Rift, help develop a music technology startup company, co-write a manifesto for the future of music technology research, eat a mind-boggling variety of incredible foods, sit in a volcanic hot spring in Iceland, have Skype tutorials and recruit new MA students, initiate new research projects, prepare a book proposal, partially write two book chapters, travel by every conceivable mode of transport, and make plans for more adventures just like this one.

Have never worked so hard, slept so little, handed out so many business cards, been so stressed, had so much fun, been in so many unlikely and surreal situations, seen so much amazing stuff, learned so many things so quickly, done so many things that scare me, met such a high concentration of truly brilliant minds, been treated so well, been so excited by ideas and projects, been involved with something that people seemed to appreciate so much, had so many adventures or taken so many photographs in my life.

I suspect that I can expect this level of intensity as a fact of life from here on out. I’m incredibly grateful and completely exhausted. No idea of time zones or even day of the week. Today is simply about unpacking, if I can manage that much…