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I gave a talk at Flatpack Festival today about Occupy Music – the film I’m making about independent music and alternative economics in Brazil.

I showed some interview segments and still images from the film – but spent most of my time explaining the fact that despite having spent six weeks travelling around Brazil and accumulating around 24 hours of interview material – I’m not really sure yet what the story is.

The more I work on the film, the more complex it seems to become, and while I didn’t think I was just going to be a passive narrator that explained some things about how it all works – I didn’t expect my own struggle trying to make sense of what Fora do Eixo is, where its boundaries lie and what it all means would become the centrepiece of the story. But that’s how it seems to be going.

The film isn’t edited yet, and there’s going to be more of me talking in it than I had originally intended, so I filmed my presentation today on the off chance I might say something sensible and helpful that could illuminate the material I already have. And I think there may be one or two bits in there that could be useful for the finished movie.

All I need now is a budget to edit, an epiphany or two, and some free time.