I’m no longer a Last.fm member, but I did like the idea that they ‘scrobbled’ everything I listened to – that is, they kept a record of what tunes I played on my computer so I could look back. It was fun for things like compiling personal charts and favourites. Not that I needed that data for anything in particular, but it was a nice idea all the same.

Trouble is, listening to music on my computer is only a fraction of the music listening that I did. It’s an even smaller fraction right now.

I’ve been moving things around at home recently – and because I’m working on a number of large projects that involve a lot of sitting and typing, I’ve set up the turntable in the office and I’m playing records while I work.

I always wanted to be able to scrobble my vinyl listening. I have a friend who wants to scrobble the music that he plays on his piano at home. I’m sure somebody will solve that at some point.

In the meantime, I’ve taken a pictorial approach. I’m scrobbling album covers on Flickr. It’s not the same thing from a data perspective – but in terms of having a record of what I’ve been listening to, it’s just as much fun – if not more so. It’s also a nice way to sort through and look at my record collection.

As I play a record, I take a quick snap with my phone and upload it to Flickr. That’s it, really. No data about individual tracks or anything – just album covers. I’m collecting them in a single set and adding to them as I go.

If you’re interested in the records I’ve been listening to over the past few days (and, like everything else of this nature, I’ll continue to do it until I get bored and stop) – have a look at the Flickr set.