I spoke at Music Tech Fest in May.

I met the festival’s founder Michela Magas at the London blogger’s meetup I spoke at back in April, and she asked me to come along and simply talk about what it is I do. I decided that since everyone else at the event would probably be talking about music and digital media, I would focus on the other stuff I do. The “music as a tool for social change” stuff.

It seemed to go down well, and they filmed it for posterity (see above). There’s a lot of really fascinating presentations on the Music Tech Fest YouTube channel, so if, like me, you have an interest in that intersection of ideas between music and technology, I’d suggest spending quite a bit of time there.

Since I did this talk, not only have I been over to Brazil to work on Occupy Music (the film I discuss in the video), but Michela is now the executive producer of that film, and I’ve become one of the organisers of Music Tech Fest.

So that all worked out rather nicely.