Unexpected walking companion

I had a day of good companionship and interesting conversations. Some of these encounters were planned, others unexpected. Along the way, some rather exciting projects moved along in a rather exciting fashion, some new ideas were formed, some laughs were had, and some good work got done.

But it was a surprise dog that set the tone for the day. I was going for my morning hike, which has become a bit of a habit for me. It involves an early start, an audiobook, a flask of coffee and a series of parks and trails that will usually take me four or five miles with a break about halfway. And today, this dog joined me.

There’s something really nice about walking with a dog. I don’t mean “walking a dog”. Walking with a dog. There’s a difference. We didn’t talk much, but we were headed in the same direction so we wandered together. And when we were no longer going the same way, we parted company. We may meet again and walk, and we may not – though I hope we do.

But I also noticed that I enjoyed being with the people I spent time with today in much the same way that I’d enjoyed the company of that dog. We happened, metaphorically speaking, to be travelling along the same path at the same time and so we chose to do so in each other’s company.

And that seems like a good way to be. Even with people. Possibly even especially.