DUBBER 1For the past few weeks, I’ve been working with a copy editor by the name of Manuela on preparing my Radio in the Digital Age book for print.

She’s been brilliant – making suggestions, corrections and alterations – and even adding additional knowledge and nuance in some areas that allowed me to expand some sections and go a little deeper.

I like to think I’m reasonably competent when it comes to spelling, grammar and punctuation. In fact, I’m a complete amateur. Manuela’s an artist when it comes to sentence structure and a scientist when it comes to understanding how the language really works.

I had no idea how deep that sort of expertise can go.

All in all, it’s been a really positive experience, conducted entirely via email and in comments on Word documents. We’ve never actually met.

Today I sent off the last bit of information she needed: the page numbers of a published book chapter in Spanish for which I only had a draft pre-translation English copy. Now that we have that, the book is complete and it’s off to press.

It’s great to be able to cross such a major project off my list. There is now nothing more I can do to change or improve it. I’ll simply have to wait and see it when it’s ready.

I’ve put out ebooks before, of course, and I’ve co-authored texts and contributed chapters to books that have been published by Sage, Longman and Routledge – but this is my first sole-authored, traditionally published book – so I’m quite excited about that aspect of it.

All going according to plan, Radio in the Digital Age will be published by Polity in November.

I have several other book projects in the pipeline. It’s been an interesting process going through this one from start to finish, and there are certainly some things I’ll do differently next time. But now that it’s done – it definitely feels like something I can do again.

So that’s encouraging.

Here’s some more about my books, if you’re interested.