I’ve been writing a lot this month. I’ve made a point of posting something here on this blog every day in April as well as chipping away at all the work-related stuff (of which there’s plenty right now). There’s also the daily writing I do just for my own entertainment and sanity.

But sometimes you look at the screen and think “I actually don’t really have anything to say.”

This is one of those times.

I started running out of steam late yesterday afternoon, not long after I wrote that last blog post about listening to music I don’t really like. So last night, to try and get my head in a different space (and also because it was long overdue), I started alphabetising my record collection. This is an activity I usually relish. But this time, it turns out, I didn’t have the word power to sustain even that.

I got as far as C before turning in with a headache. Today, I’ve managed to get as far as O, but it’s been like wading through treacle.*

I’m hopeful that the weekend will see me getting the rest of the records sorted so I can move the furniture back into its rightful place in the living room. And with any luck, my cerebral cortex will kick back into gear and I’ll get the writing back on track. Apart from anything else, I have a deadline.

But sometimes you just have to go with the fact that your brain’s not on task, and no amount of determination or self-bribery will bring forth useful or eloquent phrases. Your best bet in these situations is just to sit back and ride it out. The hell with it.

The rest of my evening will be spent sipping a glass of wine, staring into the middle distance and listening to the rain outside over a soundtrack of Chet Baker. Nothing remotely demanding, in other words.

*Yes, I realise ‘like wading through treacle’ is a cliché. Normally I try to avoid those. I just spent ten minutes working on an alternative, but you do not want to hear what I came up with.