I had the pleasure of a meeting with one of my favourite bands – no, I mean one of the best bands in Britain today: Hope and Social. I’m often asked for examples of people who are “getting it right” when it comes to music on the internet, and it’s always these guys I point to.

For reference, here’s their Wikipedia page. But essentially, their key ingredient is to make sure they make people’s lives a bit better every time they do anything at all. And tonight, they’re playing in my town.

Here are just a few examples of some of the things Hope and Social get up to. If you’re in a band yourself, watch all the videos and take careful notes. If you’re not – then watch all the videos and become a big fan like the rest of us.

1) They involve their fans in everything they do:

2) Their fans make things for them too:

3) They join up with other bands and let fans choose songs for an album of covers:

4) They put on a Garden Party:

5) And they give their music away to anyone who wants it.

This – and they fact that they are a very, very good band who wear nice blue blazers is just a part of what makes them sustainable. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg. They also make exceptional records, put on fantastic gigs and they’re thoroughly nice people to boot.

Oh – and they’re going to be playing support for Bruce Springsteen. If he’s got any sense.