Hello from New Zealand. The intensive book writing of the past couple of months has finally come to an end, I’ve submitted my Radio in the Digital Age manuscript to the publisher, and I am spending a bit of time back in New Zealand visiting family.

Summarising January in a blog post is not something I can really do in any meaningful way, so for the most part, I’m just going to skip right over it here, but it involved a lot of travel, a music industry convention or two, time with lovely friends, lots of walks, more writing, record shopping, road trips, food, wine, whisky, and some long overdue encounters with the world of fiction and the outdoors.

It’s redundant now, I guess, to talk about New Year’s resolutions, but 2013 is likely to include a lot more of the above. I’m kicking that off with a trip to Rangitoto (above). It’s been sitting out there in Auckland harbour all my life and I’ve never set foot on it. Today, I’m taking a ferry to the island and walking to the top of the volcano.