It’s raining outside, and I have a bit of downtime today, so I thought I’d do a long overdue sort of my albums.

Alphabetical, naturally – but also sorting them into sections. They’re not brilliant divisions for music in general, but it kind of makes sense of the collection I have. The sections are:

– Jazz
– Latin American
– African
– Classic rock & pop, funk and soul
– Contemporary rock, pop, electronic and hip hop
– Compilations

The big sections are Jazz and Latin – a couple of hundred albums each. A hundred or so each of the other sections, except for the traditional African music albums. There’s only about a dozen of those, but they don’t really fit in other sections. It seems right to keep them together – and maybe that’s an area I’ll start focusing on one day and developing.

Not a massive collection compared to the thousands I got rid of before leaving New Zealand, but at least I can say that with the exception of the four records I’ve decided to get rid of, I like every single slab of vinyl I own. That never used to be the case.

Of course, I have lots more music than this. This is just my vinyl. I don’t own CDs, but I have a lot of digital music. Really a lot. Tens of thousands. Fortunately, digital files are much more easily sorted