Teachers concert

Last night was the concert performance by all of the visiting teachers at Summer Session.

George Garzone (sax), John Lockwood (bass), Bob Gullotti (drums), Joe Lovano (sax and clarinet), Judi Silvano (vocals), Rebecca Martin (vocals and guitar), Larry Grenadier (bass), Lage Lund (guitar), Tyshawn Sorey (drums), Ralph Alessi (trumpet) and Enrico Pieranunzi (piano) played an amazing selection of music in small groups, different combinations, and then, finally, all together on an incredible, free version of Ornette Coleman’s Lonely Woman.

I was in the front row, and it wasn’t the biggest performance space in the world, so Joe Lovano was virtually sitting in my lap, while Ralph Alessi’s trumpet was more or less right in my face.

Amazing concert – and while I’ve become a new fan of some of these guys, and a more enthusiastic fan of others I already liked a lot, what I think I enjoyed most last night was watching just how much John Lockwood and Larry Grenadier liked playing together. That was a sheer delight.

I think it was the most jazz I’ve had all at once. All of the jazz, all together.

That photo above was about the best I could do to capture it… but there are more pictures (and less abstract ones) here on my Flickr page.