I received an email from Pete Nickless a couple of days ago. He invited me along to have a look at what he was doing with some other musicians at a church near where I live. It’s a collaboration between artists from a range of different faiths, working toward a free concert on Saturday night.

It’s called Culture Shock, partly in tribute to The Aftershock Project – a project I was involved in a couple of years back, led by Nitin Sawhney. This takes some influences from that series of events, though the whole ‘bringing together local musicians from different faith traditions’ thing adds a whole new dimension to it.

I’ve been working toward doing some research into musical hybridity based on cultural encounters – and this kind of just fell into my lap, so I thought I better go along, do a few interviews and check it out. Glad I did. This is already shaping up to be awesome.

The concert is on Saturday night. It’s free, there’s free food, people will be lovely, the vibe will be superb and the music will be amazing. It’s at St Anne’s Church on Park Hill, just off the Moseley Main Road from 8pm.

Chances are I’ll be capturing and posting some more video between now and then. Too good an opportunity to pass up.