I received a nice email this morning from Kevin Boyle, one of the guys behind Ideas Improv (watch the video above).

He writes:

Hey Andrew — I don’t know how I happened upon your 30 ideas in 30 days but it gave me …an idea.

I wanted to see if there were more Andrew Dubbers out there. I convinced a buddy to join me in this quest. For the past several months we’ve been asking people — cold on the street — if they’ll share ideas.

We actually carry Ideas Wanted and Ideas Improv signs through the streets of New York (with brief stops in Miami and Sydney). Turns out there are many Andrew Dubbers — perhaps not as ingenious but similarly generous. We’ve gotten ideas from the wacky to the astonishing.

I’ve included a link at the bottom of a radio segment featuring us BUT the real reason I’m writing is to tell you the NY Times will be doing a story on us AND I will be giving you credit for inspiring my idea (at least in part). I don’t know if you’ll get the credit in the paper but I will be telling the reporter about you.

So… Thanks for the idea(s).

Radio feature: Looking for new ideas

You’re more than welcome, Kevin. I love what you guys have done.

In fact, it’s given me an idea…

Seeking ideas about…

I want to collect ideas on a range of different topics that are of interest to me.

What I’m going to do is another series of blog posts (30, probably) that set the parameters for a range of thinking, and then I’m going to invite people to contribute their own ideas in the comments – and just see what happens.

I might get nobody. The ‘but it’s MY idea’ thing might kick in. But I suspect people will be willing to share and I think it might form a nice little collection of thoughts that might actually spark some genuine activity.

I’ll try and contribute every time – but I’ll give a topic (say… early childhood education, public transport, TV show, parties… etc.) and then hopefully whoever reads this blog might have an idea that they’ve had kicking around on that very subject – or the subject might inspire an idea. Who knows?

The point is that for 30 days – starting here later today – I’m going to ask for ideas on a range of topics. I’ll briefly lay out the subject area, and then ask for ideas.

Will think for equity

At the end of the month, we’ll see what we’ve got and see if anyone wants to make anything of it. My one rule though (hopefully to encourage participation): if you make a business out of anyone’s idea here, that person gets a 1% share of your company.

Just 1%.

99% of any business (more, probably) is the execution of the idea. Ideas are easy. But just so nobody thinks they’re being ripped off – if you take someone’s idea from here, and you go away and make your fortune out of it – please cut them in for a percent.

The first idea topic will be posted this evening (UK time). I’ll come up with my own idea in the comments, and then I hope you’ll join in. Be great to hear just how smart and inventive the people who read this blog are.

Look forward to your ideas!

And thanks back atcha, Kevin Boyle and Rick Horan, for the inspiration. Love what you’re doing and hope you’ll get involved here too.