I gave a keynote presentation at the Fremtidens musikalske entreprenører conference, which was held at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen yesterday.

My topic was ‘Musicians are Media Producers’ and I spoke for about half an hour with about 15 minutes of questions afterwards.

A couple of people asked if my slides would be available, so here they are.

It doesn’t help that they don’t make sense without the speaking that I did (or if you can’t read my handwriting) but the session was recorded, so once that’s available I’ll link to the talk that I did. Hopefully that will help unravel the point of the slides.

For iPad users – yes, I used the Paper app to draw the slides, exported each image to the Photo Library and then imported into the Keynote app. I did the presentation straight off the iPad, which works well for me. Not sure I’ll do the “handwritten” keynote presentation thing again – but I might. Makes a change…