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After this morning’s conversation about sharing ideas, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to do a series of blog posts asking for ideas on a theme.

The purpose of the theme is to either remind you of a particular idea you might have already had, or to get you thinking about something you might not yet have had an idea about.

So here’s the first of them:

01. RAIN

This has been a big topic of conversation around here recently, and there’s been an awful lot of it, so it’s something I’ve been thinking about.

What ideas do you have related to rain? It could be a new type of umbrella, something about rain collection, flood prevention, rain-powered cars, new things that we could do with rain — anything at all related to the concept of rain.

You may have a fun idea, a serious idea, a business idea, a simple idea, a complicated idea or perhaps an idea that you’d like to start a conversation about. Over to you.

Simply post a comment under this blog post about your idea, and let’s give the matter some thought. Who knows what we might come up with?

You should feel free to brainstorm, to take the theme in any direction you like, or to use it as a springboard into other things. There are essentially no rules – except the fact that any ideas that you come up with here are SHARED.

We’re using a Creative Commons licence: Attribution, non-commercial, share alike. That is, you can use any of the ideas presented in the comments of this series of blog posts for any non-commercial use, as long as you give credit for whose idea it is, and that the thing you make is also shared in the same way.. 
But to make things easier for people who DO want to pick up any of the ideas here and run with them on a commercial basis – you have permission, so long as you ensure that you cut the person whose idea it is in for ONE PERCENT (1%). That’s only fair.  
Look forward to seeing your ideas in the comments…