Photo by stevendepolo

06. FOOD

Big topic today with lots of scope for inventiveness.

I want to hear your idea about food. Whether it’s about solving world hunger or preventing food wastage, creating home gardening kits, halting the obesity epidemic or creating ways in which kids can get more nutritious lunches at schools, I want to hear what you’ve come up with.

Maybe you’ve invented a new type of sandwich or designed a machine that poaches the perfect egg. Let’s hear your idea about food in the comments please.

We’re using a Creative Commons licence: Attribution, non-commercial, share alike. That is, you can use any of the ideas presented in the comments of this series of blog posts for any non-commercial use, as long as you give credit for whose idea it is, and that the thing you make is also shared in the same way.. 
But to make things easier for people who DO want to pick up any of the ideas here and run with them on a commercial basis – you have permission, so long as you ensure that you cut the person whose idea it is in for ONE PERCENT (1%). That’s only fair.  
Look forward to seeing your ideas in the comments…