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I started asking people for their ideas about stuff on this blog this time last week. I thought it might be an interesting follow-on from the project where I came up with an idea each day for thirty days.

It was inspired by the guys from Ideas Improv who stopped people in the street to ask for their ideas for a documentary project. Really interesting stuff.

I chose a range of topics and just threw the gates open. “Tell me your ideas”, I said. And some people did.

But I don’t think I thought this through well enough – and so now I’m going to stop. I feel as though rather than contribute to the value of this blog, just throwing out a topic and asking for your suggestions is getting in the way a bit.

So this is one 30-day project I’m happy to abandon.

The 30 days in one afternoon

I had thirty ideas for topics (more, actually) – but since I’m not going to continue this as a 30-day project, I thought I’d stop this game here in its tracks.

I’m interested in hearing your ideas, of course – so if you’re curious, the full list of topics on which I was going to solicit ideas were as follows:

01. Rain
02. Education
03. Housework
04. Time
05. Collecting
06. Food
07. Art
08. Relaxation
09. Parenting
10. Travel
11. Politics
12. Cities
13. Games
14. Animals
15. Speech
16. Flight
17. Power
18. Gifts
19. Broadcasting
20. Tradition
21. Outdoors
22. Design
23. Stories
24. Sex
25. Weapons
26. Truth
27. Altitude
28. History
29. Superpowers
30. Heat

A bunch of the conversation starters all at once, rather than a theme per day. I’m still curious about what ideas you might have come up with – but not thirty blog posts curious. So let’s just leave it at this one. Given the topics above, what have you got on your mind?

We now return you to your regular programming. Besides… I have a much better 30-day project up my sleeve. About which, more soon.