For the past few years, I’ve been running a whisky blog with my friend Clutch. We’ve visited some lovely places (mostly in Scotland), tasted some wonderful whisky, met some fascinating people – and even made some music as part of that little venture.

Plus, people sent us whisky to try. Bonus.

This year, we’ve kind of let it slide. Clutch has moved up to Aberdeenshire and no longer lives just around the corner, he’s focusing on his expanding family (child number 2 due any moment now) – and I’ve been concentrating on other stuff. Writing books mostly.

In fact, I think I may have only had whisky about three times so far this year – and then only when we’ve had visitors over. It just hasn’t been something I’ve focused on or paid much attention to in 2012. Maybe we’ll get back into the swing of it next year.

Adding ‘whisky author’ to the CV

However, one of the things that Clutch and I did in our role as whisky writers was to contribute to this impressive collection of short whisky reviews. I think we maybe did about 30 of them between us (edit: Clutch assures me the number is closer to 50) – far from the full thousand – but in amongst them, we got to try some really special whiskies.

The book is out next week… and it’s edited by Dominic Roskrow, who some readers may remember as ‘my nemesis‘. You can order it at Amazon UK if you’re interested – and it’s half price at the moment: only £10.

In the USA, it has a different cover and slightly different title. Get it at Amazon US for $24.39.

Oh – and of the ones I tried, the Whyte & Mackay 40 Year-Old was probably the most impressive. And yes, sorry – it’s all gone now. That was lots of fun to share.

As for my favourites – these are my defaults:

My favourite £30 whisky: Laphroaig Quarter Cask
My other favourite £30 whisky: Glenrothes Select Reserve

My favourite £40 whisky: Lagavulin 16
My other favourite £40 whisky: Fettercairn Fior

My favourite £50 whisky: Ardbeg Uigeadail
My other favourite £50 whisky: Jura Prophecy

And of course, there are lots of others I like rather a lot… though some of them have three-figure price tags.