I started drawing pictures of cats in the last couple of days, using Paper on the iPad. Cats are pretty much the only things that I can draw that people can correctly identify without prompting. For some reason, they always come out looking a bit sad.

For a half-hearted April Fools thing, I joked that I was going to quit my day job and become a cartoonist – and linked to a couple of the pictures. That led my friend Craig to say “it’s not even worth starting a Tumblr for” – which, for various complicated reasons, means that I had to. It’s known as the Rock & Roll Tedium Law.

Weirdly – for someone who has NEVER been able to draw – I’ve had nothing but compliments. In fact, several people have asked if they can buy prints. Which is, of course, absurd.

But it’s encouraged me to continue – at least for a while. If you’d like to see my pictures of sad cats, they’re now available at a Tumblr blog called The Saddest Cats.

The internet is weird.