I’m toying with the idea of trying to do the work I do using only the iPad and an external keyboard. From the point of view of portability and convenience, it would be worth attempting.

There are a few workarounds I’ll have to adopt and I’m sure there will be some niggles (like not being able to Cmd-Tab my way around applications) but I think there’s very little I won’t be able to do.

I suspect some of the activities I do regularly (like blog posts) will take a little while longer than usual – at least at first, and I won’t be able to upload audio from my Zoom H1, video from my Flip camera or photos from my Lumix digital camera – but I can use my phone and the iPad itself for capturing media – and while it won’t be quite to the usual quality, I don’t think there’ll be too much of a trade-off.

I’ve downloaded an FTP app, which I think will come in useful, and I plan to do a lot of writing, Skyping, Email, Twitter – and even some DJing over the next week. I can make Keynote presentations on the iPad and I have a VGA adaptor as well – so I may prep and deliver a class or two that way as well.

I can already think of some things I’ll eventually need to go back to the laptop for (editing and uploading large audio files for instance)… but the purpose of this is not proving that I don’t need a laptop – but that I can go away without it for a week at a time and still get all the essential parts of my work done.

Let’s try this – and I’ll blog how I get on.