For the past week or so, I’ve been enjoying having Jake back home after his five months living in Mumbai. We’ve been hanging out together, watching some movies, listening to music, making websites and just catching up and telling stories.

He had an amazing time – running a stage at a music festival, writing for an online independent music magazine, interviewing his music heroes, going to gigs and generally being a music industry worker. Lots of challenges and lots of new experiences. India will tend to do that for you.

A month from now, he’ll be on his way to Brazil for three months. More music festivals, a film festival, working in a recording studio, touring bands and learning lots more about the music business from the grassroots.

He’s spending the intervening weeks learning Portuguese, putting the finishing touches on his next album (out 1st April, or so he says) and building a really interesting new website project: a music blog featuring lesser-known underground electronic music that he considers to be worthy of a much broader audience.

The best thing about that project is the really professional approach that he’s taken to it. He’s developed it with a consistent look and feel, given it a name and visual identity, approached the artists that he’s featuring to talk about the way that he’s using their music and is compiling a free monthly compilation download album featuring some of the best music on the site.

Anyone would think he’s been hearing me complain about people doing this sort of thing badly for the past ten years or so…

Have a look at Deep Volt – and make sure you download the first sampler. There are some brilliant tunes in there.

It’s been really great having him home, and working with him on some of this stuff. It did occur to me that perhaps getting a taste of the music industry might have put the idea in his head that university wasn’t for him – but after having been more or less uninterested in the prospect before he left, he’s now beginning to think that Leeds College of Music might be where next year (September 2013) takes him. He has a couple of friends there, and he likes the sound of the course.

In the meantime, he has lots to occupy himself with. We’ve been talking about him maybe spending some time working in Berlin when he gets back from Brazil.

But one thing at a time. We’re still in the ‘eating fish and chips and watching Mission Impossible movies’ stage.