Stumbling through YouTube on a Waitangi Day inspired trip down NZ music memory lane dug up this little gem.

I had almost completely forgotten – but not long after this was filmed, I became the live sound engineer for The Warners and went on tour with them. If I recall correctly, it was the Satellite Surfing tour to support the EP of that name.

Man, they played some dives – and Nobby (the lead singer) liked to pick fights with the locals, but it was a lot of fun. I was so out of my depth though, both culturally and professionally.

It didn’t last long and we parted company after the tour – but I did get to engineer their gig at the Powerstation in Auckland, which was a big deal for me – especially since I managed to convince them to turn down so people could actually hear the music properly.

Best thing about the Warners: their support band was a Ramones tribute act called the Ramonees, who were actually just the Warners in wigs. They’d go off stage after their set, take off the wigs and come back on as the headline act.

That’s entertainment.