Tonight, I started recording the audiobook version of Music in the Digital Age. It’s being recorded as I write the e-book, and the entire thing will be available to download on completion.

Of course, in keeping with the way that I’m releasing the e-book version, you can preorder it now, and that will guarantee you get the finished work as soon as it comes out. You’ll get the introduction and the first section immediately to get you started – and, of course, it also adds a bit of extra incentive for me to get to work and make it as good as it can be.

There’s a comprehensive tracklist here, which will give you some indication as to what lies ahead… and when you download the finished audiobook, you’ll also get the e-book as a PDF and in both DRM-free Kindle and iBooks versions – so you can listen with your eyes as well.

The price is £5 as a preorder. It’ll be more once it’s finished, so get in early.