I thought I’d do a ‘top five albums of the year’ (that is to say, my five personal favourites), rather than a top 10 or twenty or anything like that (I did a top 100 one year, if I recall correctly). Five seems manageable. They’re all on Bandcamp, as it happens.

They’re in no particular order, and of course, there are plenty of other albums that I’ve absolutely loved this year – but these are the ones I keep coming back to over and over again.

I’ve written a good deal about music this year – including about these specific records – so rather than justify my choices, I’ll just let you listen to them. Hope you find something in here you like…

Back For More by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah
Where are the Arms by Gabriel Kahane
Cosecha by Fer Isella
S.P.T.A. Said Person of That Ability by J-Live
The Liberation Of… by Ladi6