Homemade Pillows....

Some friends in New Zealand are involved in a massive 700-strong Twitter secret Santa. I think it’s a great idea, and thought it was the kind of thing the people I know from around here might be interested in doing.

Reluctant as I am to organise anything (and as much as I should not ever be put in charge of anything), I thought I’d see about organising something a little more modest for folks around here.

So I hereby announce ‘Birmingham Twitter Secret Santa’. Or #brumsanta for the sake of a hashtag.

But times are tough, so I thought it would be nice to add a home-made, handmade element to it.

Rather than spend a maximum of £5, you spend a maximum of £0. The gift you give should be something that you made. It can be a cake, a mixtape, a handcraft of some kind, perhaps a voucher for some sort of service or kindness you can perform – or anything that you know how to do.

Let’s get together

I’ve booked out the back bar at the Hare and Hounds on the evening of Tuesday the 13th of December (say – 7pm until not very late). There’ll be music, the bar will be open, and we’ll meet up, exchange gifts and have a bit of a “real-world” get-together. It’ll be lovely.

I’ve already organised a handful of surprise celebrity-type DJs – and a special guest appearance by a virtual Pete Ashton, who will be reprising his now legendary ‘Unusual Cover Versions‘ DJ set while simultaneously DJ-ing 8-bit music in a completely different room.

The back bar at the Hare & Hounds is reasonably small, so I’m going to cap this at fifty people – which seems kind of manageable. If you want to be involved email me, or send me an @ message on Twitter.

The rules

1) You have to be in Birmingham or near enough to count;

2) The present should be something you made rather than bought (though it can be a hand-me-down if you like);

3) You – or at least your gift – must be at the Hare and Hounds on the evening of Tues 13th;

4) You need to register (i.e. tell me you want to be involved) by Tuesday 6th;

5) You will be assigned your Secret Santa recipient via DM on Wednesday 7th.

But if I get more than 50 takers, I’m going to have to turn some people away, I’m afraid. So please get in early.

Be great to see you and put faces to Twitter handles, have a pre-Xmas drink or two and just hang out.

Merry season!