If you like cats, or stories about cats – or if you just like stories – here’s a Christmas gift from me to you (and your kids, if you happen to have any).

I made a ‘cartoon for radio’ about 15 years ago. It’s about cats – well, specifically about one cat, Ashley, who finds himself transported out of the world of humans, can openers, laundry baskets and suburbia – and into a magical world of castles, dragons, princesses and wizards. A world run entirely by cats.

If you’d like a taster before you grab the whole thing, you can check out the first 14 episodes on Bandcamp.

Or you can just dive straight in. All 50 episodes of series one are here for you to download as free mp3s. Merry Christmas.

Click to download Ashley’s Worlds. [192MB zip file]

Series two to follow in the new year…