My younger sister Kerryn is a high school teacher in our home town (brains run in the family, you know). As a matter of fact, it’s the high school we went to – Edgewater College in Pakuranga, in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

She’s doing a project with a bunch of her year 10 students, and she’s asked for my help – and now I’m asking for yours. In short, if you live somewhere other than Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand, and you have a digital camera (or a phone that takes photos), I’d really appreciate your involvement.

I’ll let Kerryn describe the project…


Some Year 10 students at Edgewater College are participating in The Flat Stanley Project. This project is based upon the book Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown. In the book, Stanley is squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. One of the many advantages is that Flat Stanley can now visit his friends by travelling in an envelope.

The children in this class have made their own Flat Student, and have written a brief description of their Flat Student. Due to the fact that the school year is three weeks away from finishing, their version is electronic.

The students would like you to treat this ‘student’ as a guest and take them on an ‘adventure’ that will enable them to learn a bit about you and your country. To facilitate this, if you could record the visit with perhaps printing out the Flat Student and taking a few digital photos and replying with a brief e-mail about your part of the world, it would be greatly appreciated by the students involved. As we are very short on time, the location of the photos does not have to be too flash, just somewhere local (ie a café as opposed to the Eiffel Tower). Alternatively a short email would also be valued – anything at all would be great.

Once you have had the opportunity to share your world with us, we’d love it if you send the Flat Student to someone you know in another country, who can then in turn share a bit about themselves and their country.

Please e-mail your replies to

There is also a Twitter account set up if you want to send any messages @EdgewaterStan

The project completion date is December 7th however I will of course ensure the students will get late replies when school starts back next year.

On behalf of all the Year 10 students taking part in the Flat Stanley Project,

Thank you very much



If you can help, SEND ME AN EMAIL, and I’ll send you a Word doc with your own ‘student’ to print out.

Nothing fancy – but if you could take the ‘flat student’ with you somewhere of interest, or somewhere that shows a bit of your world, that would be really helpful. I’d consider it a massive personal favour.

And I don’t ask those very often.