A couple of nights ago, as you’ll know, a warehouse containing thousands of albums released by independent record labels and distributed by PIAS was burnt down in the civil unrest.

The details of that damage, and the way to help those artists and labels are outlined in this blog post by BBC Wales Music. From that blog:

Tom Bridgewater of Loose Records said: “All of our stock, amounting to around 10,000 CDs and Vinyl LPs, was destroyed overnight in the fire at Sony DADC. We are a small independent label and the implications for us are likely to be severe. We have new albums from bands that were due to be released in early September, all that stock has been destroyed.

Cognitive Dissonance Records have suggested and organised a fundraising benefit called Label Love.

But on the back of a tweet by Jon Bounds, it occurs to me that some of these labels and artists also have a presence on Bandcamp, and without wanting to detract from other efforts elsewhere, I thought that might be another small way for people to discover, listen and perhaps help out a little by purchasing some great independent music.

What follows is a small selection of releases that I know and like, which appear to be connected with labels that have been affected by the fire. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, and please feel free to correct me if I have their affiliations wrong.

Listen, enjoy, purchase. There’s some really brilliant stuff in here.

Please also feel free to link to any more in the comments if you’re aware of other music that was affected by the fire at the Enfield warehouse. Cheers.

Here’s some music: