I arrived back from Zagreb around lunchtime yesterday, stopped off at home and picked up some records, and then headed down the road to play at the Mostly Jazz Festival in Moseley Park.

I’d been asked to DJ between bands, and then play support for Matthew Herbert at the afterparty at the Hare and Hounds.

To be honest, there wasn’t much call for DJ-ing between the bands as the turnaround between the main two stages was incredibly tight. There were three of us on standby through the day, and I think between us we might have played eight records between 4pm and 10pm – but it was such a great vibe and such a nice day, it certainly didn’t seem like a waste of time.

Some great acts played – and Dele Sosimi’s band was a real highlight. The audience might have been a bit too relaxed with all the sunshine and Pimms for the crowd participation bit to really kick off, but that was fine.

The great thing for me was the idea that these people, for the most part, are basically my neighbours and this is the sort of stuff that people around here like to do. And that makes me feel pretty good about where I live.

Guy, Lisa, Chris & Dylan

Great food, good music, lovely chilled vibe in the park, and I made a few new friends. I’m reliably informed that Robert Plant was in the audience while I was playing records, and I met Richard March from PWEI & Bentley Rhythm Ace too. Hope they like Roy Ayers…

I was still a bit spaced after all my recent travel, but it was good to catch up with some people, play a few tunes in the sunshine, and then move on to the big room at the Hare. Always nice to hear my records on a massive system – especially when people are dancing. I also got to meet and work with local legends Sam Redmore and Guy Carlos. Now those are proper DJs.

The festival continues today with Booker T, Pigbag and a DJ set from Craig Charles – but I’ll be sitting this one out. I’m going to be doing my regular ‘Soul Food Sunday’ DJ slot and then Jake returns from his Amsterdam adventure – so I’ll want to be home to hear all about that.

Well, maybe not all.