I took a train all the way to Leeds yesterday to take part in an event that’s happening almost exclusively on the internet.

The event’s called AmpNMS – a New Music Strategies knowledge event that’s being facilitated by an organisation called Amplified.

There are four seminars in AmpNMS – two in the UK, moderated by me, and two in the USA, moderated by Steve Lawson, who is in Nashville. The discussions are about independent music in the digital age, and are happening live online.

How it works
We start by playing a pre-recorded ‘provocation’ video, then our two panellists (Laura Kidd and Rich Huxley here in the UK – Kira Small and Stephen Mason in the US) discuss the topics raised in a live, online streaming video. Meanwhile there is a text-based web chat going on that viewers can participate in.

It’s my job to incorporate that discussion into the mix on the live stream.

The whole thing is captured and archived on the New Music Strategies website so that people can go back and revisit the discussions, or go and watch them if they missed the live conversation.

The first two are already up online here:

Session 1: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Session 2: Making Friends with Fans

The next session is taking place at 4pm today (here in the UK) on the topic of Underground Music Scenes – and the last one, about Music and Open Technologies will be at 8pm UK time.

You can join in AmpNMS live from wherever you are in the world here:

And, of course, if you missed them, the provocation, the video panel and the chatroom discussion will all be permanently archived here.