My ‘Soul Food Sunday‘ jazz (etc.) sessions at the Hare and Hounds each week are now being broadcast on a local radio station in Mangawhai called Smooth Jazz 88.1FM.

Mangawhai is a beachfront holiday village in the north of the North Island of New Zealand. It has spectacular sand dunes, a lagoon-style harbour, a surf beach, a vineyard, and a Saturday market. You can go kayaking there, go for bushwalks, cycle tours, fishing trips, visit the nearby chocolate factory, the olive groves, learn to surf, go horseriding, play tennis or petanque, or spend time at the bird sanctuary.

So – it’s just like Kings Heath, really – in the sense that we have a nearby chocolate factory.

Jazz goes to the beach via South Birmingham
A friend of mine, Mark Perry, is a corporate voiceover artist, a former commercial breakfast radio presenter and a keen surfer. He also likes a bit of jazz, and has taken his enthusiasms a couple of hours north of Auckland to run a low power FM station for the small beach community.

We got talking online, and he’s taking a one-hour mix once a week to insert into the schedule, which is lovely of course. It means that I now get to play my favourite records to TWO small, but discerning audiences on completely opposite ends of the planet.

Let me be your DJ

I’m quite happy for these mixes to go elsewhere too. I’m essentially creating four hours of laid back, jazzy, funky and relaxed mixes every week, give or take. No talking – just music. Feel free to get in touch if you have a radio station, online stream or you just want some nice tunes for your shop, cafĂ©, bar, workplace or whatever.

I’ve been toying with the idea of turning them into a podcast, and we’ll see how that goes – but I’m experiencing some technical difficulties on that front at the moment, and I’m not trying to create work for myself here. I have other things to be thinking about.

But since I’m playing these records in this order each week anyway, I figure it might be useful for someone else somewhere. And in this case, it turns out it was useful to Mark and his radio station in Mangawhai.

If you’re in the area – tune in: 88.1FM. Sunday afternoons, naturally.