I was cycling home through the streets of Digbeth today, taking a few shots along the way of the ever-changing street art, when I bumped into local music industry chap Geoff Pearce. We got chatting about what he’s up to at the moment, which amounts to an interesting array of things.

He’s still working a lot with Ruby Turner, who’s an absolute legend around these parts (around all parts, actually – but she’s a local), and he’s also been leading a group under his own name for the first time in his life. Thanks to appearances on a number of BBC TV series recently, the Geoff Pearce Little Big Band is now being released as part of the Land Girls soundtrack album, and there’s no doubt more to come.

But Geoff’s also an educator, an organiser and a bit of an entrepreneur. He’s been working with a friend on a website project called Access All Bands. They had the opportunity to shop it around Midem and South By Southwest. It’s early days, but they have a bunch of musicians on board already and plans for an expansion into musician services. Be interesting to see where that ends up.

But it was just nice to stop and chat in the sunshine on my way home through the city. One of the very nice things about having a bike and not being in an enormous rush at that time of day.