Delicious barley porridge

Okay, so I don’t normally post my breakfast on my blog, but I spent so long looking for a recipe for this that I figured it might help someone that was after the same sort of thing.

I had barley porridge at a hotel in Helsinki a little while back and I really loved it, so I decided to start making it at home. We picked up a slow-cooker recently (£13 from Wilkinsons) and that seemed like an ideal way to make a dish like this. However, all of the recipes online made it seem really difficult and involved lots of skill, implements, dried fruits, peel and spices.

I went for a simple option, and after only a couple of attempts, came up with this recipe which, I have to say, is delicious – and exactly what I was after:

Barley porridge
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup dried pearl barley
6 cups water

Put the ingredients in the slow cooker. Set it to ‘low’ and leave it overnight. In the morning, serve with milk & sugar. Easy.