This is a presentation I gave at the Watching Jazz conference in Glasgow recently. It’s about a research project I did with some colleagues from BCU at the Scarborough Jazz Festival, and how we approached putting that event online.

I presented it as a way of contextualising some ideas that I’ll be developing in my research as part of the Rhythm Changes project, which is all about European Jazz. I’m going to Norway in May to work with an avant-garde jazz collective in Stavanger, who will be working with Japanese visual artists. My job will be to try and make sense of that in an online context.

I did a couple of things wrong in this presentation. Probably more, but these ones spring immediately to mind. The first, and most obvious (to me) was that I had inadvertently set the slides to automatically change every 90 seconds, and had forgotten how to stop it from doing that. The second was that we’d only just got back from lunch, it had been cold outside and I was going to be in a rush to leave – so I left my coat on without thinking.

Hopefully my wearing outdoor clothes indoors doesn’t unnecessarily detract you from the content of my presentation.