Compulsory Guinness with @craigfots

I was in at the university today for a meeting with the other award leaders on the Masters programmes in our department. We were talking about (among other things) upcoming events for the Professional and Academic Cultures programme we run alongside the specific modules for the degrees themselves, and there’s some good stuff coming up.

The ‘Come Dine With Me’ event last week was really popular, and our students (who come from all over the world) brought dishes to share. We’ll definitely be doing that again.

Also, next week, Dave Harte is going to be talking about student use of social media which will be an interesting topic on a number of fronts – and there’ll be a screening and discussion of the film Catfish.

In the meantime, I’m preparing next week’s class for Music as Culture, in which we’re going to be talking about the different cultures and cultural understandings that exist within the record industry itself.

Of course, it was St Patrick’s Day today, and as Craig (pictured above) – a good friend who also happens to be one of my MA Music Industries students – was in the library today working his way through a pile of reading, we took half an hour out to pop to the pub on campus and have a pint of Guinness.

It’s the rules, you know.