Continuing along the thread of digitally archiving the radio programmes and jazz sessions I did in the 1990s, I’ve started digitising the series Ashley’s Worlds – a “cartoon for radio” that was syndicated on 26 stations around New Zealand on Sunday morning kids’ radio programmes.

It’s been fun to hear them again. It was an ambitious project (as usual) and I certainly wasn’t making things easy for myself from a sound design perspective. On average, each 3-5 min episode took around 16 hours to make. And there were 100 episodes in all.

It’s going to take me a while to get them all nicely polished and ready to face the world again, but the first 14 are up online for free download, with more to follow.

The fact that the New Zealand Radio Sound Archives are in Christchurch is a bit of a sobering thought. I hate to think how much of our cultural history could potentially have been lost in that devastating earthquake.

My theory is that the more people have copies of this stuff, the less likely it is to disappear forever. Digital archiving is about dissemination and propagating, not hoarding and hiding. So if it’s of interest to you, please grab yourself a copy, and feel free to pass it around.

Hope you enjoy it.