Had a great meeting in London today with Toby Moores (aka @sleepydog on Twitter). Steve Lawson and I popped along to have a chat with him about an idea we’ve been kicking around for an online event, and as the power behind Amplified, Toby knows a good deal about such things.

In fact, it’s fair to say that after a couple of careful questions, he unleashed a veritable torrent of knowledge concentrate. Good ideas, proven strategies, innovative approaches and bang-on analyses of what makes an online event work and what doesn’t. I took notes furiously – and if the trans-Atlantic online New Music Strategies interactive knowledge exchange event scheduled for later this year is anywhere near as awesome as we hope – it will be in large part due to this conversation.

And yep – I’ve sort of let the cat out of the bag. The NMS team will finally be doing something public-facing in 2011. It will be unlike anything you’ve come across so far about music on the internet – and you can be involved. In fact, we sort of insist.