This is the sound of where I live – including the people I work with, like Paul Long, Sam Coley, Jez Collins and Robin Valk; the music of Birmingham and specifically Kings Heath; as well as the characters from around here as well as more recent friends, like Brian from the band.

To say this is an important record around these parts misses the point that this is an important record period. But the fact that it is from around these parts is something that is really significant.

I was lucky enough to be present while Ranking Roger interviewed the members of UB40 at my local pub, the Hare and Hounds. I took some photos while we were there. Here’s the Flickr set.

Listen to the documentary – it’s a great piece of radio production (in large part by a couple of students of ours, Steve and Chris) as well as a fascinating personal story of the people involved. And the music is so great.