Me in Helsinki (click to enlarge)

I’m staying in Helsinki at the home of Tomas Whitehouse – a Kings Heath Brummie who moved to Finland about five years ago. I got to know him through Clutch and was massively impressed with his photography (check out his website), so I was very excited when he asked to take my photo while I was here.

The above shot was taken at the Sibelius Monument, which he thought was a) an appropriate background given my connections with music; and b) close enough to lug all the gear.

He took some amazing shots, and he’s given me a few of them to play with and use on my blog, which is brilliant.

Here’s another:

The light was great, and we managed to time it just right so we missed the coachloads of tourists that came before and after we were taking the photos.

Before he was primarily a photographer, Tomas was primarily a guitarist. He was in a well-known Birmingham ska punk band called Farse. Apparently he was very good at that as well.

Amazing hospitality and generosity from an incredible talent. Already plotting more visits for the future.