Earl Thomas and the Kings of Rhythm

Remember that moment in the Springsteen video when Bruce brings a ‘random member of the audience’ up to dance with him at a massive concert (and amazingly, it’s Monica from Friends)?

This was just like that, only completely the other way around.

Earl Thomas got down off the stage (easily a six-inch step) and danced with the audience; the music was soul/funk from The Rhythm Kings (previously Ike Turner’s band) and not 80s blue-collar rock; there were about fifty people in the room – and Jane isn’t a famous actor off a telly show, though she is one of our Friends (see what I did there?).

A superb gig: an impromptu, last minute arrangement, pretty much only spread by excited word of mouth. Lovely bunch of guys too. We spent a bit of time talking to the drummer Bill Ray and to Earl, who was also really friendly.

It shouldn’t be a surprise when people in superb bands are really generous, easy to get on with and interested in the people they meet – but it’s always nice when you find yourself chatting to people outside the bar, and then cheering for them five minutes later when they get up on a stage.

Really great band. Tightest I’ve seen since Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – and occupying much the same sort of territory. Blew us away. Jake and Hannah seemed to really enjoy themselves too.