Jez introduces his film

My friend and colleague Jez (of Dubber and Jez fame) produced a documentary film about music heritage in Birmingham. It’s called Made In Birmingham: Reggae, Punk, Bhangra.

Today was the private invitation-only premiere of that film at the MAC. The one-hour documentary was screened to a cinema packed full of creative industries types and legendary Birmingham musicians, and it was very well received indeed.

In fact, people were so busy applauding and cheering as the credits rolled, we all missed a little quote right at the end. I’m going to have to get hold of the DVD when it becomes available, and find out what was said.

In the video above, Jez explains the purpose and the genesis of the film, and how it connects with his bigger project, the Birmingham Music Archive.

The film’s now on its way to film festivals around the world, and I hope it does really well. It really makes sense of a lot of popular music history – and the place Birmingham’s had in that. Really great to see – and all the congratulations being lauded upon Jez right now are incredibly well-deserved.

I’d never been to a movie premiere before. Very exciting… though the local carpet shop must have been all out of red.

Here are some photos taken at the event.