<a href="http://greenlandismelting.com/album/our-hearts-are-gold-our-grass-is-blue">From City to Town by Greenland is Melting</a>

I went hunting for dubstep and industrial electronica for today’s Bandcamp du jour – and I ended up finding what may well be its opposite. Bluegrassy, folksy, country music out of the heart of Gainesville Florida.

Our Hearts are Gold, Our Grass is Blue is a little bit punky, but the attitude’s cunningly hidden amongst the three-part harmony, and washed out in banjos.

I’d not heard of frontman dude who did a great job of recording it Rob McGregor before – but the internet assures me that he’s at the heart of the Gainesville scene, having been involved in numerous bands in the past.

If this is your sort of thing (it’s not normally mine, but this is a real gem), then I’d check out more from McGregor. Listen and enjoy.

Update: Got my facts wrong – but there’s correct info in the comments…