<a href="http://evilmenhavenosongs.bandcamp.com/album/evil-men-have-no-songs-ep-2">No You No Me by Evil Men Have No Songs</a>

I was looking for a Hungarian band to feature as Bandcamp du jour since I’m in Budapest, but there weren’t that many to choose from. Hardly any Hungarian bands use the service.

Fortunately, the Evil Men Have No Songs EP was up there, and I really liked it.

At first, it seems a bit too simple to take seriously. No You No Me kicks in with a distorted, but entirely rudimentary, almost naïve strum, featuring a chord progression you’ve heard a million times – but by the time they get to the first chorus, it all makes sense. This is, as they claim, both ‘Shoe-Wop’ and ‘Twee-Gaze’. Shoegaze meets 50s pop.

I really like it.

It’s a four-track EP, it’s free and you should get it. And I’ll make a point of telling the musicians that come to the Zipkomm conference tomorrow that they should get on Bandcamp too.