<a href="http://civilcivic.bandcamp.com/album/1">Less Unless by CIVIL CIVIC</a>

There’s been a lot of talk about cassette releases recently. They’re the latest new ‘old’ thing.

This 5-track EP is available on a limited edition of just 100 copies – 20 of each of the colours. They’re £5 each – and if you buy all five, you get the Gold one free (I’m guessing that the gold ones aren’t counted amongst the 100).

It’s an interesting idea, and I suppose if you got bored with the music, you could just tape over them – but as it happens, I really like the music too. I’ve given it a few listens through, and it’s really grown on me. Civil Civic come across as instrumental indie pop that’s not afraid of a little avant-noise. Which is all good by me.

Check out track 3 ‘C27’ in particular. Great tune, and a cool sound. If you just want the download, it’s whatever you feel like paying, from £1 up – though you could be nice and give them a bit more if you can, otherwise Paypal just eats it all up in fees.

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